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Hot Tub Tips and Tricks

We get it, you did not get a hot tub to spend most of your time taking care of it. You purchaced your hot tub to relax and have less worries. That’s why we have put together these simple tips and tricks that make hot tub ownership that much easier. This is not a step by step or an in-depth guide, rather these are tips from other hot tub owners that have went through the trouble of seeing what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Do not use Pool Chemicals in your Hot Tub
  2. If you happen to have a swimming pool and a hot tub you may think you can save money buy using the same chemicals for both of them to save money. Chemicals are specifically made for specific amounts of water. If you happen to use pool tablets in a hot tub it can dramatically decrease the ph. If you use liquid chlorine in your hot tub your ph, alkalinity, and hardness will increase significantly.

  3. Sometimes its Best to Just Admit Defeat
  4. Before putting tons of expensive chemicals into your hot tub, consider simply draining and refilling it. Start up chemicals and water to fill your tub can sometimes be more cost effective.

  5. Close Those Air Injection Valves for Quick Heating
  6. Many hot tubs have knobs around the tob edges that can be opened to let air mix with the water coming from your jets. The air mixing with the water is often colder than you want to the water to be, so make sure to close the valves when you are heating up your spa.

  7. Test Your Water Often
  8. Just like avoiding the dentist can be more costly than going regularly, it is better to test your hot tub water frequently to keep it where you want it. It takes less chemicals to keep a hot tub balanced than it does to get a neglected hot tub back into shape.

  9. What is more Important, PH or Total Alkalinity
  10. PH! If your PH is where you want it, but Total Alkalinity is low you may want to add an Alkalinity Booster, but this often raises your PH our of its proper level. Keep your PH high enough with sodium bicarbonate instead of sodium carbonate to also keep your Total Alkalinity where it needs to be.

  11. Avoid Household Cleaners
  12. You may doing some spring cleaning and think, “Hey why don’t I just use this 409 to get rid of some excess buildup on my hot tub”. Instead you should be thinking, “What was that I read on Backyard Leisure’s website the other day, OH YEAH! I shouldn’t spray this all over my hot tub.” No, using these household cleaners will not do any damage to your hot tub, but many do contain amonia based degreasers and can through off your waters chemistry.

  13. Put Tennis Balls in your Hot Tub
  14. Yes you did read that correctly! You can put tennis balls in your hot tub! The small fibers actually clean up any oils, hair products, and lotions that can get left behind in your water. When you are in your hot tub you can put them in the skimmer to keep them out of your way.

  15. Set a Timer to Keep Your Hot Tub from Overflowing
  16. Filling your hot tub can take an average from 1 to 2 hours, but there are some exceptions depending on your water pressure and water capacity. Just like waiting for water to boil it is extremely boring to watch water raise. You should time how long it takes to fill your hot tub then make sure to set a timer the next time you fill it. Nothing is worse than coming back to an overflowing tub!

  17. Use your Dishwasher to Clean your Filters
  18. If your filters are small enough to fit in your dishwasher go ahead and clean them the easy way. Try to use a gentle cycle to start and make sure to turn off the heated dry setting. If your filters are really dirty you cn even use detergent.

  19. Find out your Electric Companies Off Peak Hours
  20. Many electric companies will charge more or less money depending on the time of day. Even though our hot tubs are extremely energy efficient, try to heat your hot tub on off peak hours to save even more money on your electric bill.

  21. Staying Warm While Hot Tubbing in the Winter
  22. When it is cold out, there aren’t many feelings better than getting into a steamy hot tub. However, there is not much worse than getting back out. Before you go out, put the towels you are planning on using in the dryer for 15 minutes. Fold up the towels and put them in a closed container to keep the warmth in.

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Fiberglass Inground Pools by Alaglas now carried at Backyard Leisure

Backyard Leisure, the Local Leading Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Dealer is adding fiberglass pools to their current lineup of inground pools. They are now the only Raleigh and Greensboro dealer to sell all three of the most popular types of inground pools, including; concrete, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass inground pools.

Backyard Leisure selected Alaglas Pools as their fiberglass inground pool manufacturer. Alaglas Pools is based out of South Carolina. Owner Chris Scott stated that “Alaglas was the obvious choice for fiberglass pool manufactures because they have some of the highest quality and assortment of fiberglass pools in the United States”. The most cutting edge technology is used in the manufacturing process and materials making their fiberglass pools.

Alaglas received the coveted ACE Award from Manufacturers the American Composites Association for superior quality of their pools that demonstrate “exceptional strength, finish, and laminate quality”. No other company in their industry reduces emissions and conserves energy throughout their manufacturing and installation to lower operation and maintenance expenses as much as Alaglas. These fiberglass pools are designed to last. Through years of research and development the new materials create outstanding durability that protects against fading, blistering, yellowing, and long-term effects of UV Exposure.

Fiberglass is the future of ingound pools, because of its lightweight, extremely strong, and tough material. These pools are constructed with five separate layers, adding strength, durability and beauty to every pool. These layers include three layers of fiberglass and resin layers, a thick barrier coat and the smooth surface layer. Because they are already pre made, installation of fiberglass pools is often much shorter than the installation of concrete or vinyl-lined pools. Instead of taking from a few months for completion they only take a few weeks. The sizes are nearly endless, ranging from kiddie pools that are 5’ by 7’ up to a 16’ by 40’ that is 8’ deep. These pools are becoming some of the most popular pools because of their high resale value better coping, superior strength, outstanding finishes and lower lifetime cost.

Because Backyard Leisure has a turn-key operation, they will handle every aspect of the pool installation from gaining permits and passing safety inspections to adding water features, and custom landscaping. The only difficult part for customers is deciding between the hundreds of available styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and accessories. Backyard Leisure has been devoted to installing the highest quality swimming pools in an effort to create a great backyard experience for not only current customers, but for their generations to come. If you would like to see our new line of inground fiberglass pools or simply want more information, please contact us today!

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Tips on Buying an Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool Buying Tips

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is meant to be fun. That is the reason you are looking at getting one. Not because you need one, but because it is the best way to relax, cool off, and to spend time with friends and family. Just like many important decisions in your life, you need to figure out the five Ws.

  • Who is going to be using the pool the most?
  • What type, size, and shape pool best fits your needs?
  • When is the best time to buy, and when are you able to buy?
  • Where can you put your swimming pool?
  • Why should you buy your above ground pool from us?

By the end of this article you should be able to answer these questions, and you will be more knowledgeable and ready to buy the above ground swimming pool you have always wanted!


Before diving into the the buying process, (pun intended) you will need to think about who is going to be using the pool the most out of your family. Is it going to be just for the kids and for their friends? Or are you going to have a family reunion where everyone from your parents to your weird second cousin comes to visit… You know that cousin, the one that never shows up in time for anything, and wears flip flops even in the middle of winter. Anyways, back on topic, you are going to have to make sure that you have a pool big enough to fit the amount of people you want over for your pool parties. It is easy to figure out how many people will fit in a pool. Although not a limit, but used as a guideline, it is common to have no more than 1 swimmer per 15 square feet. If you have an 24 foot round pool you will be able to have roughly 30 swimmers. (For a round pool use the following: pool radius * pool radius * 3.14) (For a square pool use the following: pool width * pool length) Divide the total by 15 and you will get the amount of swimmers able to be in your swimming pool at once.

Even If your pool is only going to be used by one or two people at a time, you will need to think of what this pool will be used for. Are you going to use it to float around in and cool off? Maybe you are looking for a pool you can use to swim laps in as part of your workout? If you just want to relax a round pool can be slightly cheaper than an oval pool, but if you want to swim laps, there is no beating an oval pool.


Continuing from who is going to be using this pool we will have to find what pool is going to be the best one for you. There are many different sizes, shapes, and heights of above ground pools. Most commonly these pools come in sizes all the way up to 33 feet in diameter, and oval pools rarely exceed 18′ by 33′. One aspect we haven’t hit yet is pool height. Pool heights commonly come in 48″, 52″, and 54″. If needed however, an above ground pool can be dug slightly into the ground giving you up to 6′ of total depth.

stainless steel wall on an above ground swimming pool

You should also know the difference in materials these pools are made of. The main types of materials used to make pools are steel and resin. Steel pools have walls, uprights, a bottom track, and top rails made of steel. A resin pool will have steel walls, but the other structural components are made out of a high quality heavy-duty plastic. Steel pools are corrosion resistant because of their multiple layers of protective coating, however resin pools are corrosion proof. Resin pools are the highest quality of above ground pools making their upfront cost higher, however having a corrosion proof pool will save you money in the long run.

Other than the walls, uprights, bottom track, and top rail is the panel where the filter and hoses run through. Many retailers will sell a steel wall section (instead of a stainless steel), which even if you have the highest quality pool, it is only as strong as its weakest link. Without a stainless steel wall, that section of your pool will rust.


There are two specific times that are the best for buying above ground swimming pools. The first is in the fall, when summer is over and you will most likely not use you pool until the next summer. Discounted prices can often be found because there has been a slowdown of pools being built. The less well known and possibly better time to buy a swimming pool is in the spring. First of all you will be able to use your pool without having to wait for months until the weather warms up. Second, many pool manufacturers will give deep discounts on their previous model year swimming pools. The problem is that once the previous years pools have been sold, the discounted prices are gone until the next season. You can also read this article that explains more about the best time to buy a swimming pool.


decking built around above ground swimming pool

Picking out the location for your above ground pool is usually not very difficult if you have enough space for it in your backyard. However, you may want to take a few aspects into consideration. This is not a problem for newer above ground pools, but some older pools have buttresses that stick out up to 3 feet on the sides. You may have to account for the extra space being taken up by these buttresses.

Because above ground pools are now built so substantially and will last for decades, it is very popular to build a deck around your pool. If you are going to add a deck to your pool you will have to figure out how big you want the deck, and if you want that deck connected to your house or standing alone. There are few restrictions for building an above ground pool. Just make sure that if your have a surface even with the top of the pool like a wrap around deck that you are able to keep it free from kids that you won’t want playing without supervision.


As we have covered most of the reasons on why to get an above ground pool in the who section, you should know why you should consider getting your pool from Backyard Leisure.

  1. We know pools. If you get your pool from us, you have access to our support, service, installation, chemicals, advice, and much more.
  2. We are the only local pool company to sell stainless steel panels to make your pool last for a lifetime.
  3. We have the largest filters and the most powerful pumps standard on our pool models.
  4. We sell the largest assortment of pools, letting you pick out exactly what you want.
  5. We build decks, and are able to make any type, height, and style of deck that will fit your pool perfectly.

Contact Us Today to get the best deal on the best above ground pool!

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Swimming Pool Season is Coming Early This Year

When is the right time to buy a swimming pool?

If you have been waiting for either an inground or above ground swimming pool and not been able to decide when to take that fantastic step and get the pool of your dreams, you may need to start thinking sooner than later.

Inground Swimming Pool with Pool House

Above Ground Swimming Pools

We are currently almost finished with our last selection of 2012 above ground swimming pools. Out of our selection of 4 pool models, we only have a handful left of each model. To get the most swimming pool for your money the 2012 models the best option for you. The 2012 and 2013 pools that we have are built identical to each other. The only difference is that we have a massive manufacturers discount of our 2012 models. Starting at only $1999 you can get a high quality pool that will last you years, and you will be able to use it during the peak summer months… If you act fast. There is a short process to get your above ground swimming pool up and running, especially if you want to be ready for the the hot summer months.

Inground Swimming Pools

Getting an inground swimming pool has a few more steps to take before you are in and swimming compared to an above ground pool. The good Thing is that we take care of everything for you. The first step needed is planning on the type, design and location. We install every type of inground swimming pool including, vinyl-lined, fiberglass, and concrete. Each type of inground has it’s own pros and cons and depending on its location, size, and depth. You can read more about which inground is best for you here. There are a few more smaller factors that go into an inground pool, but as far as the time of year is concerned, the best time to buy in now. The myth that pools are cheaper in the off-season is often thrown around, however since many people decide to install their pools in the off season, material suppliers will often raise their prices making it less advantageous to purchase in the off-season.

What Is Next?

It is not to late if you thinking of getting a swimming pool for your backyard. Not only are we offering the biggest savings of the year, but if you have your swimming pool installed now you will have all spring and summer to swim in your own personal swimming pool. Still have questions or ready to get your pool today? Great! call (919) 850-2200 for Raleigh or (336) 273-9997 for Greensboro today, and get on the list to have your pool built before the weather starts getting cold again.

We encourage you to take a look at our Pinterest Page to see our previous customers pools to get ideas on what you can do in your own backyard!

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How Do I Get Rid of Hot Tub Foam?

To get rid of foam in your hot tub you should learn what is causing your hot tub to make foam in the first place. When a hot tub gets used on a regular basis and many people are in and out of the water regularly, the water will dissolve solids that are not meant to be in the water to begin with. Think of all of the products that you use on a typical day. Men often wear after shave, and deodorant after showering with shampoo and body wash. Women will use shampoos, soaps, lotions, perfumes, makeup, and many other products. These products will often get washed away and stay in the hot tub and floats to the surface and will cause foam.
Hot Tub Foam Getting Out Of Hand

To Clear the Foam in your Hot Tub:

You can add hot tub chemicals such as chlorine or bromine to get rid of the foam. Chlorine, which kills bacteria, algae, and microorganisms, and a similar chemical called Bromine that is used in high water temperatures to purify and improve the life of antimicrobials. Shock chemicals can also reduce bacteria that can cause foam in your hot tub. It is important to keep up on your chemicals on a regular basis. If you forget to put any chemicals in your hot tub to balance it, there can be a large process getting your hot tub balanced. This means that you should have a backup of chemicals so that you can always be prepared.

To Keep Foam from Occuring:

Before entering your hot tub, take a shower to reduce the amount of detergents and oils on your skin. If you have long hair you should put it up so that it doesn’t soak in the water. This not only keeps your hair from fraying but keeps any of the products that are in your hair from getting in your water causing foam.
Jacuzzi hot tubs come with the option of CLEARRAY. What CLEARRAY does is use UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens. It is another step to the filtering process that will get your water cleaner than it has ever been.

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Backyard Leisure Receives an A Rating From the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau recently awarded Backyard Leisure with an A rating. Backyard Leisure was awarded with an A rating for exceeding expectations with quality hot tubs and quality above ground swimming pools. In order to receive this grade you business must:

  • Build trust and establish and maintain a positive track record in the marketplace.
  • Advertise honestly while adhering to established standards of advertising and selling.
  • Honestly representing products and services including clear and adequate disclosures of all material terms.
  • Honor Promises by abiding to all written agreements and verbal representations.
  • Responsively address marketplace disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith.
  • Protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud, collecting personal information only as needed, and respecting the preferences of customers regarding the use of their information.
  • Approach all business dealings, marketplace transactions and commitments with integrity.

Backyard Leisure is committed to only selling products with the highest quality standards in the industry. When you buy a hot tub or swimming pool from Backyard Leisure you can be assured that you purchased the best quality hot tub available to you. From our outstanding warranties to our sales and customer service staff, We are here to make your hot tub or pool purchase one that you will wonder why you didn’t visit us sooner.

Backyard Leisure - Better Business Bureau

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5 Easy Steps to Winterize your Above Ground Swimming Pool

It is getting to be that time of the year again that you need to winterize your pool. If you have recently bought an above ground pool and do not know how to properly winterize it, here is a easy step by step guide on what you need to have an when you should start the process. Freezing water is an above ground pools worst enemy. The main reason for winterizing your pool is to keep it from freezing as well as keeping it clean for the next season. Taking the time to properly close your pool can save you time and headaches when it comes time to open your pool again.

What You Will Need


Step #1: Balance Chemicals

Make sure that your chemicals are fully balanced. This isn’t a different step that when you usually balance your chemicals, but you want to make sure that they are fully balanced so your pool will stay clean and will not stain.You will need chemicals to balance your pool’s pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. *Tip: Avoid using floaters with strong oxidizers. They tend to float to the side of a pool and can stain the vinyl-liner.

Step #2: Add Winterizing Kit

For Chlorine (Permasalt / ionizer, salt generator) Pools: you will need to get a winterizing kit that is made for a chlorine pool. You will want to read the directions specifically for your type of winterizing kit, but most winterizing kits for chlorine pools will have you add the non-chlorine shock / oxidizer then wait approximately 4 hours while the pool circulates. Then, add the winterizing powder and wait for another 4 hours while the pool circulates. Finally, add the winter stain and scale and let the pool run and circulate for 4 more hours.

For Non-Chlorine (Baquacil) Pools: use the same basic process as chlorine pools do, just with different items to add to your pool. You will need to add oxidizer, sanitizer, and the whole bottle of performance algeaside. Just like with chlorine pools you should wait 4 hours inbetween each item to let the pool circulate them throughout.

Step #3: Replace Hoses with Plugs

After all of your chemicals are balanced and you are finished adding your winterizing kit. You should remove the basket from your skimmer. Use a Gizmo to plug up your pool. You should also remove your eyeball fitting and replace with either a plug or another Gizmo. We recommend plugging your skimmer and return instead of lowering the water level of your pool. This keeps from wasting the chemicals you added to your pool, You will not have spend time draining your pool, and refilling it in the spring, and this will also increase the efficiency of your air pillow that is used in the last step of this process.

Step #4: Drain Your Pool Equipment

Disconnect all of the hoses connecting your pump, filter, and swimming pool. If you have a sand filter, turn the 7-way miltiport valve to the closed or winterize position. Remove the plug from the pump and the bottom cap from the filter. Finally remove the pressure guage and the sight glass. We recommend placing all of your fitting, plugs and caps in a ziplock bag and putting them in you strainer so they can easily be found again when you open your pool in the spring. If you have a cartridge filter, simply take the cap off of the tank and remove the plug from the pump. After your pump has been drained, turn it on for a few seconds in order to get all of the water our of the impeller. Be carefull not to run it for too long without any water so that the seal does not burn out.

Step #5: Cover Your Pool

The fifth and final step to close your pool is covering it up. There are a few different options of above ground pool covers. Get a pool cover that will keep out any debris and sunlght. This keeps the pool clean and will prevent the growth of algae. *Tip: Make sure you get a quality pool cover. The Eyelets are usually the first area where you pool cover can rip or fray. Some Pool covers offer heavy duty eyelets to prevent this problem. You will also want to get one or two air pillows depending on the size of your pool that go under your cover so that fall leaves and rain does not collect on your pool cover.

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Above Ground Pools Are Family and Financially Friendly!

In the triangle area of North Carolina, summer can be scorching hot! With each coming summer, we see rising temperatures and humidity. Some days, the blazing summer sun combined with the high humidity is enough to drive residents of Raleigh and Greensboro indoors, away from their beautiful surroundings. This summer, instead of lounging inside with your air conditioner cranked to the highest level, turn your backyard into a summer-ready oasis! Bring summer fun to your family with an inexpensive, above ground swimming pool!

A pool can go a long way in turning your backyard into a relaxing retreat. Swimming and splashing in the cool water is a great way for children of all ages to spend time in the beautiful outdoors without being bogged down by the summer heat. Of course, homeowners who decide to invest in a pool are immediately faced with a difficult decision: Do you buy an in-ground or an above ground pool? The second option has many advantages, beginning with the costs.

Did you know that an above ground swimming pool in Raleigh can cost up to ten times less than a traditional in-ground pool? Depending on the pools that you choose to compare, you may not see much of a difference in the physical structure. Due to installation costs, water capacity, and maintenance and upkeep costs, you will notice a huge savings when you invest in an aboveground pool!

Most of the price difference is made up by the installation. The installation of an in-ground pool takes much longer than an above ground swimming pool, robbing you of your immediate gratification. To install a traditional pool, a large ditch is created in your backyard. The machinery involved makes more than a large hole for your pool liner—it also makes a mess of your backyard! Above ground pools go up quickly and easily. Installation takes less than a day, and there is no damage done to the landscape of your backyard! You and your family can immediately relax and enjoy your new addition.

Homeowners also experience another huge advantage when opting for an above ground swimming pool. In many cities, including Raleigh and Greensboro, aboveground pools are not considered permanent structures. This means that homeowners do not have to worry about zoning and permits when placing their structures. There is also no worry of these pools raising your property taxes or negatively impacting your home’s resale value!

These pools may not be for everyone, but for many families that are on a budget, they are a great option. An above ground pool can turn your backyard into a relaxing retreat during the harsh summer season. They are a cost effective way to keep your family closer to home.

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Best Ways to Keep Your Pool Water Clean

There are a few different ways to keep the water in your pool ready for swimming. One of the most basic ways is to just simply keep the right level of water in your pool. If your water level drops below the pump, air will get sucked through your pump which will hurt the circulation and potentially could ruin your pump. Keeping your filter clean is also beneficial in allowing it to circulate freely.

Keep the chemicals in your pool at the right levels. The levels your pool should be kept are approximately: 2-4 ppm of Chlorine, 7.4-7.8 pH, 80-120 Alkalinity, 200-500 Calcium Hardness, and 50-80 Stabilizer. Your pump should run at a rate of 1 cycle in the winter, 2 cycles during the summer and anywhere in between there in the fall and spring depending on how many leave land in your pool. Also in the summer you can add schock (calcium hypochlorite) to your pool to wake up the dormant chlorine. Another helpful chemical is sodium bromide, which basically makes the chlorine in your pool more effective. Your filter and these chemicals will clean your pool very well, but it is still recommended to drain your pool and refill it with fresh water every 5-10 years.

These are just a few steps to keep your pool clean and running, giving you years and years of enjoyment. One of the biggest benefits of having an above ground pool is having the ability to simple replace the liner. Getting your liner replaced is just like getting a brand new pool again!

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New You, New Year, New Hot Tub

A lot of time, money and energy go into creating the perfect home environment. Homeowners work hard to create beautiful interiors that are both relaxing and fun for their friends and family’s enjoyment. Why should we stop this quest for comfort and luxury at the walls of our homes? Why not apply this effort outside as well? Homeowners who choose to continue building this luxurious environment in their outdoor space are able to increase their amount of livable area. By treating your backyard as an extension of your home, you can create a backyard oasis that encourages you to relax and enjoy your time at home. Creating a beautiful outdoor area does not have to be expensive, either. Many homeowners make the most of their outdoor space by adding a hot tub or spa.

Homeowners looking to create a relaxing backyard environment agree that hot tubs are a great purchase. These tubs and spas provide a simple way to relax at anytime, whether you are recovering from a long day at the office or a hard workout. Of course, these tubs are more than just relaxing. Homeowners who install a Jacuzzi hot tub or Jacuzzi spa can also experience incredible health benefits. The heated water circulating in the pool are wonderful for working out tense muscles, reducing strains, and easing pain in your neck, back, and joints. Some medical studies even suggest that these pools can reduce stress, boost your metabolism, and help you detoxify your body.

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Jacuzzis for Luxury in the New Year

Homeowners and backyard enthusiasts looking to update their outdoor areas have plenty of options and ideas for bringing fun and relaxation to their space. Many people in the Raleigh and Greensboro areas of North Carolina decide to include above ground pools and luxurious hot tubs and spas to their space. Homeowners seeking a new day to relax after a long day of work, or looking for a way to indulge on a coveted day off need to look no further than the popular spa brand, Jacuzzi.

Outdoor hot tubs and spas are a great addition to any home’s backyard. These luxurious products take up very little of your outdoor space, and work to create a relaxing and inviting environment in your backyard oasis. They also have no negative impact on your home’s resale value! Jacuzzi hot tubs and spas are wonderful tools for the homeowner who returns from work, a strenuous workout, or even a long vacation in need of relaxation. People love the feel of the warm water relieving tension from tight muscles and easing pain from aching joints. Hot tubs and spas also offer regular users amazing health benefits. Research supports that regular hot tub or spa use can reduce stress and anxiety, boost metabolism, cleanse toxins from the body, and even regulate heart rate.

Producing incredible products for more than fifty years, Jacuzzi® is well-known for its quality products, innovative technology and luxurious hot tubs and spas. This brand has been created advanced tubs and hydrotherapy options since 1956, and homeowners are still constantly seeking out the latest products and releases for their homes and backyards. Jacuzzis were created with the user in mind; each aspect of these hot tubs is in place to make you feel great while you are using the tub.

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Enjoy the Winter Weather Outdoors with a Jacuzzi Spa!

North Carolina is a great place for active people who love the outdoors! The temperatures in Greensboro and Raleigh are mild enough year round, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy above ground pools in the summer, and Jacuzzis and hot tubs all Autumn and Winter. Do you love being outside? Are you worried that the cooling temperatures are going to force you indoors? There is no need to let a little chill in the air keep you from enjoying the beautiful Carolina atmosphere! Hot tubs and Jacuzzis can help any nature-love, outdoor-enthusiast, or relaxation fiend enjoy their beautiful backyard even when it’s cold outside.

Jacuzzis are enjoyable all year long! These tubs can help you remain stress-free in the spring, help you keep cool in the summer, and allow you to thoroughly enjoy the crisp autumn nights. True Jacuzzi and hot tub devotees say that winter is truly their favorite time for a relaxing dip! Imagine this: It’s the middle of winter; it’s freezing outside. All of your neighbors and friends have headed indoors. Instead of giving into the same fate, you step outside in your swimsuit and sink into a refreshing tub of pulsing, warm water. Can you picture gazing at the snow falling around you while you remain toasty and warm in your hot tub?

Hot tubs and Jacuzzis can also help homeowners relax and recover year round. The heated water associated with hot tubs and Jacuzzi spas is wonderful for your tense muscles after a long day. This heat can also reduce the day to day strain on your joints, easing pain in your knees, neck and back. Not surprisingly, hot tubs and spas can also reduce stress by releasing endorphins into the body, boost your metabolism, and encourage harmful toxins to leave your body. Sitting in the waters with your shoulders submerged can even help your heart to beat more efficiently!

Now is the time to think about getting your backyard ready for Winter! You can get the most out of your backyard through the Autumn and Winter chills if you prepare now. A Jacuzzi or hot tub are the perfect addition to almost any backyard. The tubs at Backyard Leisure are simple to install at almost any home; we’ll have you on your way to relaxation in no time! You can visit Backyard Leisure’s showrooms in Greensboro and Raleigh. Our helpful staff can show you our stock and help you pick the perfect hot tub for your home!

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Homeowners Add Luxury to Their Home with a Hot Tub or Jacuzzi

People spend lot of time, money and energy creating the perfect environment inside their home. They work hard to create a beautiful, relaxing and fun environment that they and their family can enjoy. But apply this effort only inside the walls of a home? Continue building this relaxing and fun setting outdoors as well to create a backyard oasis! By treating your backyard as an extension of your home, you can increase the amount of enjoyable time you spend at home! Creating a backyard retreat does not even have to be expensive. A great way to add to the fun and leisure of any backyard is to add a hot tub!

Hot tubs are a wonderful purchase for homeowners looking to create a relaxing backyard environment. Hot tubs and spas provide a great way to relax after a long day at work or even a hard workout. These tubs and spas are more than just fun; they also have incredible health benefits! The heated water can work out tense muscle, reduce strain, and ease pain in joints, neck, and back. Some studies even suggest that they can reduce stress, boost metabolism, and encourage harmful toxins to leave the body.  One of the biggest advantages of a hot tub is that they can be used year round, especially in climates like those in Raleigh and Greensboro, NC. Homeowners can enjoy their spas on sultry summer nights and cooler autumn evenings.

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Enjoy the Indoors with A New Pool Table or Billiard Table

So many families in the Triangle area of North Carolina are actively seeking ways to bring their family together. Busy schedules have led to decreased quality time spent at home with loved ones. The rare occasions when homeowners can count on their families being together in the home seem few and far between; the times are often filled with each family member in a different room, or everyone gathered together quietly watching television or playing video games. However, matriarchs and patriarchs do not have to settle for silent family time. Engage your family during their time together by introducing new entertainment options into your home. One great option to bring the family together is investing in a quality pool table or billiards set up!

A pool table is fun for all ages. A pool table will help your family bring back game night. For families with young children, owning a pool table in Raleigh can help them develop important hand-eye coordination skills. Additionally they will learn critical thinking and strategy skills as they begin to understand the game and learn how to plan the best moves. For families with elderly adults, a pool table can help individuals maintain their fine motor skills. If you have teenagers, it will help you ease your mind as a parent because you know where they are.  If you are a couple without kids, owning a pool table can make your house the place to be among friends. Playing pool with your closest friends is a fun way to get your friends to visit your house.

In the rare occasion when your family is not using the pool table, they are beautiful pieces of furniture that will spark conversations with friends who come to visit. Having a pool table as a focus in your family room is a fantastic way to liven up your house and to make it the place where everyone wants to be!  In fact, they’re a great addition to get you through the colder temperatures of Fall and winter here in North Carolina. Our pool tables and billiards create an enjoyable environment that your family can enjoy year round.

If you’re interested in adding a pool table to your home, stop by and see our selection. We’d be happy to walk you through our variety of billiards and pool tables, different sizes, and beautiful finishes. We have something for everyone, and can’t wait to help all of our friends find the best table for their home!

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Create a Backyard Oasis to Last through the Colder Seasons

In Raleigh and Greensboro, North Carolina, autumn is here. That means that it’s time for residents to gear up for cooler days and crisp fall nights. Don’t let the cooler weather and fall air for you indoors. You can still enjoy your beautiful backyard oasis. Start planning for a new addition to your backyard—a new, sleek hot tub or Jacuzzi spa! Now, at the beginning of the season, is the perfect time to start shopping for a new spa.

These pools are a great investment for many homeowners. Hot tubs add luxury to your outdoor space, create a relaxing, inviting environment in your backyard, and do not negatively impact your home’s resale value. You can enjoy all of the health benefits of a spa in the comfort of your own home. Investing in a hot tub now means that you can enjoy the season longer, and cozy up to your loved one throughout the colder nights!

Most hot tub enthusiast say that fall and winter are their favorite times of year to enjoy a relaxing soak in their hot tub or spa! The warm, pulsing water is a peaceful, soothing way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Watching the autumn leaves fall around you while you are cuddling with your loved one is a joy that is hard to beat. Once it gets colder outside, a dip in a spa can be a wonderful, relaxing break from a long day. You can even invite your friends and family over to share the experience.

Imaging this scenario: The seasons have changed, and fall is in full swing. It’s the middle of November; the autumn leaves are still falling, but the nights have cooled down. Most people will be inside, curled up under a blanket, only able to enjoy their backyard through their home’s windows. However, your luxurious hot tub in Raleigh or hot tub in Greensboro is waiting for you. You walk outside in your swimsuit and jump into the nice, warm waters of your Jacuzzi spa.

We’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you while you look for the perfect Jacuzzi or spa for your North Carolina home. Visit our showroom, and we’ll be able to point out all of our great tubs and spas, their unique and luxurious features, and help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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A New Pool Table Makes A Home Exciting!

Owning a pool table can bring new life into a family room that is overlooked. If you have a room that does not get used often, putting a pool table in there will help revitalize the room and let you get the most out of your home. A beautiful pool table is not only a conversation piece, but is able to bring a family together for game night.  Instead of doing something together like watching TV, owning a pool table allows a family to play together and build relationships with each other.  And they aren’t just fun for adults, people of all ages can enjoy playing billiards! If kids start playing early, pool can help them develop hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking.

For couples, owning a pool table can provide an opportunity to have friends over and can be the center of attention at your party! A pool table can be the focus of the party (such as hosting a tournament among friends) or can provide entertainment during a bigger get-together. No matter what, playing pool with friends is a fun and relaxing way to have people come visit your house. After a long day at work, you can invite a few friends over and help each other unwind with a little bit of competition. What better way to get rid of stress than hitting the cue ball with all your might at the start of the game?

In the rare occasion when the table is not being used by friends and family, they are beautiful pieces of furniture that will certainly be commented on by many. Having a pool table as a center piece for a room is a definite way to liven up your house.

If you’re looking for a beautiful new billiard or pool table, you don’t have to look any further than Backyard Leisure. That’s right: we’re more than just hot tubs and swimming pools. Come by our Greensboro or Raleigh location and let us show you our billiard and pool table options. Or you can look here, on website!

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Prep Your Backyard for Autumn Chills!

North Carolina is a great place for active people who love the outdoors! The temperatures in Greensboro and Raleigh are mild enough year round, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy above ground pools in the summer, and Jacuzzis and hot tubs all Autumn and Winter. Do you love being outside? Are you worried that the cooling temperatures are going to force you indoors? There is no need to let a little chill in the air keep you from enjoying the beautiful Carolina atmosphere! Hot tubs and Jacuzzis can help any nature-love, outdoor-enthusiast, or relaxation fiend enjoy their beautiful backyard even when it’s cold outside.

Jacuzzis are enjoyable all year long! These tubs can help you remain stress-free in the spring, help you keep cool in the summer, and allow you to thoroughly enjoy the crisp autumn nights. True Jacuzzi and hot tub devotees say that winter is truly their favorite time for a relaxing dip! Imagine this: It’s the middle of winter; it’s freezing outside. All of your neighbors and friends have headed indoors. Instead of giving into the same fate, you step outside in your swimsuit and sink into a refreshing tub of pulsing, warm water. Can you picture gazing at the snow falling around you while you remain toasty and warm in your hot tub?

Now is the time to think about getting your backyard ready for Fall! You can get the most out of your backyard through the Autumn and Winter chills if you prepare now. A Jacuzzi or hot tub are the perfect addition to almost any backyard. The tubs at Backyard Leisure are simple to install at almost any home; we’ll have you on your way to relaxation in no time! You can visit Backyard Leisure’s showrooms in Greensboro and Raleigh. Our helpful staff can show you our stock and help you pick the perfect hot tub for your home!

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Backyard Leisure Now Carries Jacuzzi!

We’re adding great new products to our showrooms in Raleigh and Greensboro! With summer winding down, it’s time to look ahead and look forward to the cooler days of autumn. That means that it’s time for us to start thinking about hot tubs! We always strive to bring our customers the best spa and pool products at the most affordable prices; this is why we always offer incredible name brand hot tubs and spas in our showroom.

Backyard Leisure is excited to be adding to our incredible stock of hot tubs and spas. We’re gearing up to include popular Jacuzzi brand spas and tubs at both of our locations! Jacuzzi has been producing hot tubs and spas for more than 50 years. They have become the name in hydrotherapy luxury, and have a reputation for innovation and style. Backyard Leisure is excited to now be a Jacuzzi dealer in the Triangle, and we can’t wait to offer these great products to our customers!

Of course, Backyard Leisure always carries a wide variety of products. You can see all of our amazing stock anytime by browsing through our website, or visiting us in store at our Raleigh or Greensboro location. We’d be happy to show off our great hot tubs and spas, and help you get ready for the autumn nights ahead!

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Check Out Our End of Season Sale at Backyard Leisure!

It’s hardly a secret that summer is still going strong in North Carolina. Throughout this weekend, both Raleigh and Greensboro are going to see temperatures nearing or passing 100 degrees! If you’re looking to head outside during this heat, be sure that you take all the necessary precautions: sunscreen, water, and a way to keep cool. The summer heat doesn’t have to keep you running indoors for your air conditioning. Beautiful, hot summer weekends are a great time to enjoy an above ground swimming pool, and we have plenty more to come in North Carolina. That makes now a great time to enjoy the pool that you have already purchased from Backyard Leisure, or an incredible time to come check out our showroom to find your own above ground pool!

And this heat wave is just in time for homeowners to take advantage of another incredible Backyard Leisure sale! Summer may still be going strong, but our sales season for above ground pools is coming to a close. We’ve kicked off our End of Season Sale at Backyard Leisure, and all of our inventory must go!  We have greatly reduced prices on everything in stock, and many of our great discounted swimming pools are priced at up to 60 percent off. You can even find great savings on our hot tubs and spas!

It’s still the height of summer, which means that there is still plenty of time to splash and play in your very own above ground pool! And our pool installation is fast, so new buyers won’t even have a long wait before they can jump right in to their cool, refreshing backyard haven! Let the ending of our season help you make the most out of your summer!

End of Season Swimming Pool Sale

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How to Choose the Right Above Ground Swimming Pool for Your Home

Above ground swimming pools are a great investment for homeowners in Raleigh and Greensboro, North Carolina! Not only do these pools bring hours of entertainment and fun to your family and friends, but they also do not have a negative impact on your home’s value. And can you imagine a better way to beat the summer heat that to jump into the cool, relaxing waters of your very own backyard retreat?

There is still time to take advantage of summer with a great above ground pool, and Backyard Leisure always offers great prices on our products! But before you become bogged down by the possibilities, you should determine which pool will best suit your needs and your budget. Here are a few questions that can help you determine which pool is best suited for you and your family!

How large is the area that you will place your pool? Does the area need any prep work?

The size of your yard will often determine the size of your swimming pool. You will need an area that is fairly level; placing a pool on a slope may leave you unsatisfied with the results. If you do not have a level yard, you may need to invest some of your budget into creating a suitable surface for your new swimming pool. Of course, most of you will not have to worry about this!

How many people will you need to accommodate in your new pool?

This is another question that will help you determine the size of your pool. Pools range in size and the number of people that they can safely accommodate at the same time. You can find products that are great for 3 or 4 people, or perfect for 8 or 12 people!

What is your budget?

Before you begin shopping, you’ll want to set aside a reasonable amount to cover the costs of your above ground swimming pool. Shop and research with your budget in mind, but always be prepared for new options. That’s where we come in! Backyard Leisure always carries the best products in above ground pools and hot tubs, and we always offer the best prices! We can help anyone make the most of their budget through great sales and our financing plans. Come talk to us in our Raleigh and Greensboro showrooms and a qualified dealer can help you choose the best option for your home!

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Make Your Pool Maintenace Easy!

At Backyard Leisure, we’re experts on above ground swimming pools and pool maintenance! In our last post, we told you all about basic pool maintenance, and how you can guarantee that your new pool is in the best shape all summer long. Now, we want to tell you about some great ways to keep your pool clean and balanced without as much hard work!

We know that homeowners love to spend time in their relaxing new above ground pools when summer hits. A pool can help you beat the heat, but to use it safely, it must be maintained! Pool maintenance is an important part of pool ownership. Prolonged contact with substandard pool water can actually make you and your family ill!

But this maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult. Backyard Leisure carries plenty of great products that can help keep your pool water clean and your chemicals balanced. This summer, we are carrying an incredible two-speed pool pump that will keep your water constantly circulating, decreasing the chances of algae formation. We also carry innovative pool filters that rid your pool water of organic pollutants, and amazing salt systems that can eliminate the need for chlorine and algaecide in your pool!

Whether you are thinking about a new pool installation, or just considering ways to make maintenance on your old pool easier, come talk to us at Backyard Leisure. We’re happy to walk you through all of our great products, and even offer you a tip or two!

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Let’s Get Your Above Ground Pool Ready For Summer!

With the hot weather rolling into the Triangle, and a very successful Memorial Day last week, we think it’s time to talk about more than our great sales and deals. Getting your above ground pool ready for use can be a daunting task, but it is important to undertake this chore properly. Whether you are readying the pool that you have been using for years, or you are getting ready to enjoy your new pool from our Memorial Day Sale, proper start-up will have you enjoying the waters faster! It can even help prevent problems as the summer goes on!

  • If you have had your pool covered, be sure to remove, clean, and store the pool cover carefully. Then you can begin undertaking cleaning tasks such as brushing, and vacuuming. Be sure to empty skimmer baskets of debris.
  • When filling your pool, remember that the water level should always reach the approximate halfway point of the skimmer opening.
  • Always prepare your pool equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • When you balance the water in your above ground swimming pool, take 1 quart of pool water to a professional water-testing facility for a complete water analysis. Have the chlorine stabilizer checked! Again, you should follow the dealer’s instructions for balancing the water in your pool.
  • Should you need to remove organic waste, add 1 pound of shock per 10,000 gallons. Be sure to pre-dissolve shock in a clean plastic bottle of water; the dissolve ratio should be no more than 1 pound per gallon. Pour this slowly into the pool around the edges.
  • Be prepared for continuous disinfections throughout the summer! Regular pool maintenance will ensure that you can enjoy your above ground swimming pool all season long. You should regularly check your chlorine levels, and add chlorinating tablets as needed to continuously kill bacteria.

You’ve got the tips, so what are you waiting for? Head outside, and get your pool ready for the next heat wave! Don’t forget, if you need anything to help get your above ground pool ready for your family fun, you can head into Backyard Leisure in Raleigh or Greensboro!

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Get Ready For Backyard Leisure’s Memorial Day Sale!

At Backyard Leisure, we are all hard at work to get homes throughout the Raleigh and Greensboro areas ready for summer. Are you worried about last minute vacation plans this summer? Trying to avoid the travel? Or just trying to find a way to enjoy a relaxing summer getaway all season long? Backyard leisure has the solution for you! At our Raleigh and Greensboro locations, we have everything that you need to start your vacation at home. Backyard Leisure carries everything from pools and spas that will turn your outdoor area into a private oasis to elegant billiards that will transform your indoor space. And the perfect opportunity to buy the above ground swimming pool or hot tub of your dreams is just around the corner!

That’s right! We’re getting ready for one of our biggest events of the summer: Backyard Leisure’s Memorial Day Sale! You’ll be shocked at our great deals on incredible products! Memorial Day Weekend, every single pool in the building will be between 50 and 60 percent off of the regular price! And if that doesn’t absolutely blow you away, we also have 24 foot swimming pool packages starting for only $1999, and new 6 person Hawkeye spas starting at only $2999!

Come visit us at either location and see our high quality, affordable above ground swimming pools and luxury spas and hot tubs! You’ll love what you see! We are always more than happy to work with you so that you can find the pool or spa that is perfect for your needs and your homes. So come see us soon! You’ll always find the best deals and the best service at Backyard Leisure!

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Get Ready for Our Great Deals This Summer!

For all of us in Raleigh and Greensboro, the beginning of May is synonymous with the beginning of summer. The days are heating up, and we are all gearing up for beautiful weekends enjoying the great outdoors. One of the best places to spend a lazy summer Saturday is in your own above ground swimming pool! If taking a dip on a hot May afternoon sounds like your idea of a good time, then it is time to get your backyard ready for the season!

May is one of the best times to consider an above ground pool, and at Backyard Leisure we would be happy to help you find the perfect pool for your family! We always try to bring our customers the best deals on high quality above ground swimming pools, hot tubs and spas, and billiards, but in May we’re able to offer everyone even better deals! During Backyard Leisure’s Memorial Day Sale, you can find the above ground pool of your dreams at a great price! And if you’re already thinking about relaxing nights, you could even find the perfect hot tub to compliment your new pool.

If you have any questions about our above ground swimming pools, or what size or type of pool would be best for you and your family, come visit us at our Raleigh or Greensboro location. We would be more than happy to show you our stock, and walk you through your options!

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Make a Splash This Summer with an Above Ground Pool!

In both Raleigh and Greensboro, we know that summer can get hot! There are only so many ways to beat the heat while enjoying all that the beautiful outdoors have to offer. Instead of hiding away in your air conditioned home, why not invest in an above-ground pool?

An above-ground pool can go a long way in getting your backyard ready for family fun. Above-ground swimming pools have several advantages over in-ground pools, beginning with costs. Did you know that an above ground pool can cost approximately ten times less than an in-ground pool? With all the money that you’ll save by passing on the in-ground pool, you could make even more fun additions to your back yard, like a patio and outdoor furniture to enjoy when you don’t feel like taking a dip!

The installation of an above ground swimming pool is also much faster than the in-ground option. There is no need to wait for a crew to tear up your yard by digging a trench for your pool! Because there is no construction involved, and many cities do not consider an above ground swimming pool to be a permanent structure, you also won’t have to worry about zoning, permits, raises to your property tax, or negatively impact your home’s resale value!

We know that above-ground pools aren’t for everyone, but if you think that you and your family and friends may enjoy, browse our site and then come see us at a Backyard Leisure store. We’d be more than happy to help you find the pool that is right for you, and answer any questions you may have. We can even show you around the hot tubs and pool tables if you have time!

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Backyard Leisure Presents the Splashtastic Sale!

It’s the end of March, and that means that it’s time to gear up for summer! It’s never too early to start preparing for the summer heat. Don’t wait until the temperature rises to get your backyard ready for summer fun. The summer temperatures in Raleigh and Greensboro keep many of us indoors with the A/C on full-blast, but that’s no way to enjoy your summer vacation! If you install your above ground swimming pool now, you and your family can enjoy the summer sun outdoors!

There’s no better time to find your perfect above ground swimming pool than during Backyard Leisure’s Splashtastic sale! We always bring you the best deals on hot tubs, spas, pools, and billiards, but for a limited time, we’re able to offer you amazing savings on your Backyard Leisure items. Come by our store before April 4th and you can find quality 24 foot above ground pools for only $1999! That’s a great price on a pool that your family and friends can enjoy this summer and many more!

That’s not the only deal we have during our Splashtastic Sale. If you’re not ready to look for a swimming pool, you can still find great deals on a quality hot tub or spa! Before April 4th, we’ll have Hawkeye spas for a low as $3999 and Bullfrog spas for as low as $5199! These spas are the perfect addition to any backyard! And if you can’t decide between a new above ground pool or a new spa, you’ll love our Pool and Spa combination deal. You can find a great combination for only $6999!

At Backyard Leisure, we’ll have you ready for summer in no time! We have great deals on quality hot tubs, spas, and pools year round, so even if you’re not ready to buy today, check back with us!

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