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Dream Maker Spas

Dream Maker Spas is one of the largest manufacturer of rotationally molded spas in the world. Created exclusively in the USA, Dream Maker has been a market leader since introducing this type of manufacturing to the spa industry in 1997.


No need for an expensive electrician. Dream Maker Spas can be plugged directly into a standard 110-volt outlet.

  • Place your spa in you desired location.
  • Fill your spa with water.
  • Plug it into the nearest outdoor 110-volt standard electrical outlet.


  • Affordable To Purchase Save thousands on a hot tub from Dream Maker.
  • Affordable To Hook Up Save hundreds by not paying an electrician to hook up a special 220 volt outlet hard wired into you hot tub.
  • Affordable To Operate Save energy with energy efficient innovations.
    • Green Guard Roxul insulation locks in heat while locking out cold, reducing demand on your spas heating system.
    • M7 heating technology which adds superior efficiency and control for maintaining the water temperature.
    • Free Heat Encapsulation circulates heat from inside the spa cabinetry to add additional "passing energy efficiency"
    • Super Seal covers ensure a tight seal to lock in warm water and lock out cold air.


  • Hollow Mold when heated, this polyethylene powder hardens to make a high-impact material that is virtually indestructible.
  • No Weak Points because the spas are rotationally molded.
  • LightweightDream Maker Spas are truly portable and can be moved anywhere you like.
  • Unaffected by weatherWhatever season you enjoy your spa, it will not fade or crack.
  • Highest Quality quality control standards, including a full water test for every individual hot tub.


  • Unibody Construction means that there are no weak points.
  • Comfort Back Water Stream has been built directly into all models to give you a unique even flow of water up you back and spine.
  • Smart Flow Stainless Steel Massage Jetsallows water to transfer up through the comfort back stream as you lay against it, eliminating hard pressure discomfort.
  • Quad Energy System for Heat you energy savings, lower heat loss, prevention of mold and mildew, and sound deadening.
  • M7 heating technology for easily changing the temperature setting on your hot tub.
  • Friction Preheater harnesses natural energy created by rapid water movement.
  • Super Seal Cover locks in heat and saves energy.
  • Convex2 Filter system with integrated backlit water fall and easy clean cartridge.

Dreammaker Odyssey

Seats: 5-6
Jets: 21
Pumps: 1
Size: 81.5" x 81.5" x 32"
Volume: 258 Gallons

Dreammaker Big EZ

Seats: 5-6
Jets: 23
Pumps: 1
Size: 81.5" x 81.5" x 32"
Volume: 247 Gallons

Dreammaker EZ Spa

Seats: 4-5
Jets: 16
Pumps: 1
Size: 77.5" x 68" x 32"
Volume: 210 Gallons

Dreammaker Fantasy

Seats: 2-3
Jets: 14
Pumps: 1
Size: 77.5" x 67.5" x 32"
Volume: 185 Gallons

Dreammaker Cabana 2500

Seats: 4
Jets: 25
Pumps: 1
Size: 80" x 80" x 34"
Volume: 314 Gallons

Dreammaker Cabana 3500

Seats: 4
Jets: 35
Pumps: 2
Size: 80" x 80" x 34"
Volume: 314 Gallons