Fiberglass Inground Pools by Alaglas now carried at Backyard Leisure

Backyard Leisure, the Local Leading Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Dealer is adding fiberglass pools to their current lineup of inground pools. They are now the only Raleigh and Greensboro dealer to sell all three of the most popular types of inground pools, including; concrete, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass inground pools.

Backyard Leisure selected Alaglas Pools as their fiberglass inground pool manufacturer. Alaglas Pools is based out of South Carolina. Owner Chris Scott stated that “Alaglas was the obvious choice for fiberglass pool manufactures because they have some of the highest quality and assortment of fiberglass pools in the United States”. The most cutting edge technology is used in the manufacturing process and materials making their fiberglass pools.

Alaglas received the coveted ACE Award from Manufacturers the American Composites Association for superior quality of their pools that demonstrate “exceptional strength, finish, and laminate quality”. No other company in their industry reduces emissions and conserves energy throughout their manufacturing and installation to lower operation and maintenance expenses as much as Alaglas. These fiberglass pools are designed to last. Through years of research and development the new materials create outstanding durability that protects against fading, blistering, yellowing, and long-term effects of UV Exposure.

Fiberglass is the future of ingound pools, because of its lightweight, extremely strong, and tough material. These pools are constructed with five separate layers, adding strength, durability and beauty to every pool. These layers include three layers of fiberglass and resin layers, a thick barrier coat and the smooth surface layer. Because they are already pre made, installation of fiberglass pools is often much shorter than the installation of concrete or vinyl-lined pools. Instead of taking from a few months for completion they only take a few weeks. The sizes are nearly endless, ranging from kiddie pools that are 5’ by 7’ up to a 16’ by 40’ that is 8’ deep. These pools are becoming some of the most popular pools because of their high resale value better coping, superior strength, outstanding finishes and lower lifetime cost.

Because Backyard Leisure has a turn-key operation, they will handle every aspect of the pool installation from gaining permits and passing safety inspections to adding water features, and custom landscaping. The only difficult part for customers is deciding between the hundreds of available styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and accessories. Backyard Leisure has been devoted to installing the highest quality swimming pools in an effort to create a great backyard experience for not only current customers, but for their generations to come. If you would like to see our new line of inground fiberglass pools or simply want more information, please contact us today!

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