Hot Tub Tips and Tricks

We get it, you did not get a hot tub to spend most of your time taking care of it. You purchaced your hot tub to relax and have less worries. That’s why we have put together these simple tips and tricks that make hot tub ownership that much easier. This is not a step by step or an in-depth guide, rather these are tips from other hot tub owners that have went through the trouble of seeing what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Do not use Pool Chemicals in your Hot Tub
  2. If you happen to have a swimming pool and a hot tub you may think you can save money buy using the same chemicals for both of them to save money. Chemicals are specifically made for specific amounts of water. If you happen to use pool tablets in a hot tub it can dramatically decrease the ph. If you use liquid chlorine in your hot tub your ph, alkalinity, and hardness will increase significantly.

  3. Sometimes its Best to Just Admit Defeat
  4. Before putting tons of expensive chemicals into your hot tub, consider simply draining and refilling it. Start up chemicals and water to fill your tub can sometimes be more cost effective.

  5. Close Those Air Injection Valves for Quick Heating
  6. Many hot tubs have knobs around the tob edges that can be opened to let air mix with the water coming from your jets. The air mixing with the water is often colder than you want to the water to be, so make sure to close the valves when you are heating up your spa.

  7. Test Your Water Often
  8. Just like avoiding the dentist can be more costly than going regularly, it is better to test your hot tub water frequently to keep it where you want it. It takes less chemicals to keep a hot tub balanced than it does to get a neglected hot tub back into shape.

  9. What is more Important, PH or Total Alkalinity
  10. PH! If your PH is where you want it, but Total Alkalinity is low you may want to add an Alkalinity Booster, but this often raises your PH our of its proper level. Keep your PH high enough with sodium bicarbonate instead of sodium carbonate to also keep your Total Alkalinity where it needs to be.

  11. Avoid Household Cleaners
  12. You may doing some spring cleaning and think, “Hey why don’t I just use this 409 to get rid of some excess buildup on my hot tub”. Instead you should be thinking, “What was that I read on Backyard Leisure’s website the other day, OH YEAH! I shouldn’t spray this all over my hot tub.” No, using these household cleaners will not do any damage to your hot tub, but many do contain amonia based degreasers and can through off your waters chemistry.

  13. Put Tennis Balls in your Hot Tub
  14. Yes you did read that correctly! You can put tennis balls in your hot tub! The small fibers actually clean up any oils, hair products, and lotions that can get left behind in your water. When you are in your hot tub you can put them in the skimmer to keep them out of your way.

  15. Set a Timer to Keep Your Hot Tub from Overflowing
  16. Filling your hot tub can take an average from 1 to 2 hours, but there are some exceptions depending on your water pressure and water capacity. Just like waiting for water to boil it is extremely boring to watch water raise. You should time how long it takes to fill your hot tub then make sure to set a timer the next time you fill it. Nothing is worse than coming back to an overflowing tub!

  17. Use your Dishwasher to Clean your Filters
  18. If your filters are small enough to fit in your dishwasher go ahead and clean them the easy way. Try to use a gentle cycle to start and make sure to turn off the heated dry setting. If your filters are really dirty you cn even use detergent.

  19. Find out your Electric Companies Off Peak Hours
  20. Many electric companies will charge more or less money depending on the time of day. Even though our hot tubs are extremely energy efficient, try to heat your hot tub on off peak hours to save even more money on your electric bill.

  21. Staying Warm While Hot Tubbing in the Winter
  22. When it is cold out, there aren’t many feelings better than getting into a steamy hot tub. However, there is not much worse than getting back out. Before you go out, put the towels you are planning on using in the dryer for 15 minutes. Fold up the towels and put them in a closed container to keep the warmth in.

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