How Do I Get Rid of Hot Tub Foam?

To get rid of foam in your hot tub you should learn what is causing your hot tub to make foam in the first place. When a hot tub gets used on a regular basis and many people are in and out of the water regularly, the water will dissolve solids that are not meant to be in the water to begin with. Think of all of the products that you use on a typical day. Men often wear after shave, and deodorant after showering with shampoo and body wash. Women will use shampoos, soaps, lotions, perfumes, makeup, and many other products. These products will often get washed away and stay in the hot tub and floats to the surface and will cause foam.
Hot Tub Foam Getting Out Of Hand

To Clear the Foam in your Hot Tub:

You can add hot tub chemicals such as chlorine or bromine to get rid of the foam. Chlorine, which kills bacteria, algae, and microorganisms, and a similar chemical called Bromine that is used in high water temperatures to purify and improve the life of antimicrobials. Shock chemicals can also reduce bacteria that can cause foam in your hot tub. It is important to keep up on your chemicals on a regular basis. If you forget to put any chemicals in your hot tub to balance it, there can be a large process getting your hot tub balanced. This means that you should have a backup of chemicals so that you can always be prepared.

To Keep Foam from Occuring:

Before entering your hot tub, take a shower to reduce the amount of detergents and oils on your skin. If you have long hair you should put it up so that it doesn’t soak in the water. This not only keeps your hair from fraying but keeps any of the products that are in your hair from getting in your water causing foam.
Jacuzzi hot tubs come with the option of CLEARRAY. What CLEARRAY does is use UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens. It is another step to the filtering process that will get your water cleaner than it has ever been.

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