Best Ways to Keep Your Pool Water Clean

There are a few different ways to keep the water in your pool ready for swimming. One of the most basic ways is to just simply keep the right level of water in your pool. If your water level drops below the pump, air will get sucked through your pump which will hurt the circulation and potentially could ruin your pump. Keeping your filter clean is also beneficial in allowing it to circulate freely.

Keep the chemicals in your pool at the right levels. The levels your pool should be kept are approximately: 2-4 ppm of Chlorine, 7.4-7.8 pH, 80-120 Alkalinity, 200-500 Calcium Hardness, and 50-80 Stabilizer. Your pump should run at a rate of 1 cycle in the winter, 2 cycles during the summer and anywhere in between there in the fall and spring depending on how many leave land in your pool. Also in the summer you can add schock (calcium hypochlorite) to your pool to wake up the dormant chlorine. Another helpful chemical is sodium bromide, which basically makes the chlorine in your pool more effective. Your filter and these chemicals will clean your pool very well, but it is still recommended to drain your pool and refill it with fresh water every 5-10 years.

These are just a few steps to keep your pool clean and running, giving you years and years of enjoyment. One of the biggest benefits of having an above ground pool is having the ability to simple replace the liner. Getting your liner replaced is just like getting a brand new pool again!

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