Let’s Get Your Above Ground Pool Ready For Summer!

With the hot weather rolling into the Triangle, and a very successful Memorial Day last week, we think it’s time to talk about more than our great sales and deals. Getting your above ground pool ready for use can be a daunting task, but it is important to undertake this chore properly. Whether you are readying the pool that you have been using for years, or you are getting ready to enjoy your new pool from our Memorial Day Sale, proper start-up will have you enjoying the waters faster! It can even help prevent problems as the summer goes on!

  • If you have had your pool covered, be sure to remove, clean, and store the pool cover carefully. Then you can begin undertaking cleaning tasks such as brushing, and vacuuming. Be sure to empty skimmer baskets of debris.
  • When filling your pool, remember that the water level should always reach the approximate halfway point of the skimmer opening.
  • Always prepare your pool equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • When you balance the water in your above ground swimming pool, take 1 quart of pool water to a professional water-testing facility for a complete water analysis. Have the chlorine stabilizer checked! Again, you should follow the dealer’s instructions for balancing the water in your pool.
  • Should you need to remove organic waste, add 1 pound of shock per 10,000 gallons. Be sure to pre-dissolve shock in a clean plastic bottle of water; the dissolve ratio should be no more than 1 pound per gallon. Pour this slowly into the pool around the edges.
  • Be prepared for continuous disinfections throughout the summer! Regular pool maintenance will ensure that you can enjoy your above ground swimming pool all season long. You should regularly check your chlorine levels, and add chlorinating tablets as needed to continuously kill bacteria.

You’ve got the tips, so what are you waiting for? Head outside, and get your pool ready for the next heat wave! Don’t forget, if you need anything to help get your above ground pool ready for your family fun, you can head into Backyard Leisure in Raleigh or Greensboro!

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