Make Your Pool Maintenace Easy!

At Backyard Leisure, we’re experts on above ground swimming pools and pool maintenance! In our last post, we told you all about basic pool maintenance, and how you can guarantee that your new pool is in the best shape all summer long. Now, we want to tell you about some great ways to keep your pool clean and balanced without as much hard work!

We know that homeowners love to spend time in their relaxing new above ground pools when summer hits. A pool can help you beat the heat, but to use it safely, it must be maintained! Pool maintenance is an important part of pool ownership. Prolonged contact with substandard pool water can actually make you and your family ill!

But this maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult. Backyard Leisure carries plenty of great products that can help keep your pool water clean and your chemicals balanced. This summer, we are carrying an incredible two-speed pool pump that will keep your water constantly circulating, decreasing the chances of algae formation. We also carry innovative pool filters that rid your pool water of organic pollutants, and amazing salt systems that can eliminate the need for chlorine and algaecide in your pool!

Whether you are thinking about a new pool installation, or just considering ways to make maintenance on your old pool easier, come talk to us at Backyard Leisure. We’re happy to walk you through all of our great products, and even offer you a tip or two!

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