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Saffire Grills

Saffire Grill - Master the Art of Barbecue

Grilling – Over 700 degrees for quick grilling and searing
Smoking – Holds low temperatures for hours and true slow-smoked barbecue.
Wook-fired Pizza Oven – Ceramic dome cooks like a brick oven.

Saffire Grill Features and Benefits

  • Ceramic Construction
  • Durable Ceramic Glaze Finish
  • Hold in the Heat The heavy ceramic dome contruction, along with a tight gasketed seal, makes the Saffire very efficient. Slow cooks up to 12 hours on one load of charcoal.
  • Hold the Moisture in Food Less air flow = less drying and shrinkage of food.
  • Wide Temperature Range Less than 200 to over 700 degrees internally.
  • Safety Exterior temperature is much cooler than a steel grill.
  • Hold the Temperature Minimal airflow restricts temperature fluctuation.
  • Stops flare-Ups With lid closed, minimal airflow stops flare-ups.
  • Starts Quickly Ready to cook in only 10 minutes.
  • Minimal Charcoal Usage 1/2 the charcoal usage of average grills and smokers. Over 10 hour burn on one load of charcoal!
  • Minimal Maintenance No messy build-up of grease to be cleaned

The Saffire Grill and smoker is one of the most advanced in its class. You will get delicious gourmet style meals everytime thanks to the precision flame control. The tightly sealed ceramic grill and smoker keeps the heat in and lets you control the heat like you never have before. This amazing grill can be used to sear, slow cook, or even be used as a wood-fired brick oven for pizza.

Saffire Grills have a thick/heavy ceramic construction with a fully gasketed lid that retains heat. A huge 460 square inch stainless steel cooking grid surface with a removable second tier. Polished stainless steel hinge, bands and hardware that will never rust. Folding bamboo side shelves with stainless steel tool hooks. A smoking chip feeder port, Durable and attractive glazed finish available in black or red brick colors. A stainless steel bottom air camper and ash clean out. Finally a tubular polished stainless steel cart with locking casters.

Product Feature Saffire Grill Big Green Egg
Weight (lbs) 200 140
Casting Thickness 1″ 3/4″
Primary Cooking Surface (square inches) 254 255
Stainless Steel Grill Dome Bands Yes No
Cast Stainless Steel Dome Vent Cap Yes No
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dome Hinge Yes No
Stainless Steel Cooking Grid Yes No
Stainless Steel Grill Stand (nest) Yes No
Stainless Steel Efficiency Plate/Heat Deflector Yes No
Multiple Color Choices Yes No
Smoke Chip Feeder Yes No
Cooking Grid Access Door Yes No
Compressed Solid Surface Bamboo Side Shelves Yes No
Teak Wood Carts Yes No
Acacia Wood Carts Yes No
Granite Cart Tops Yes No
Warranty – Casting 20 years Limited Lifetime
Warranty – Metal Components 10 years 5 years
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