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Buying a hot tub is not something done in the spur of the moment. You should at the very least have a general idea of how much you want to spend, know the reasons why you want to one, know the amount of seating you want it to have, and also how much room you have in the location you are going to set it up. The following information is going to go help you figure out what you want from a hot tub, and get you closer to having a great hot tub buying experience.

1. How Are You Going To Use A Hot Tub?

People buy hot tubs for many different reasons. Some want a place to just relax by themselves and burn off steam from their busy days. Others want a place to entertain their friends and family. It can also be a romantic place for you and your spouse. Hot tubs can also be used for therapy, which is great for those with back pain, muscle aches, or sleep apnea. It is extremely beneficial to know what you are going to use your hot tub for the majority of the time. Some hot tubs are built more for entertainment while others are better at therapy and relaxation.

2. Where Are You Going To Put It?

Unlike a swimming pool, you don’t need a huge backyard to buy a hot tub. However, when filled hot tubs can weigh as much as 6,000 pounds, so if you are planning on putting one on your deck you need to make sure that your deck is structurally capable of holding the weight. If you don’t have a deck or just don’t want to put a hot tub on your deck your backyard is also a great spot. Just like on a deck you should make sure your hot tub will sit level without sinking, so cement slabs are great spots. You can also build a base with gravel, pavers, bricks, or even prefabricated spa pads. Make sure there is adequate drainage so rainwater will not build up or if you need to drain the water it drains away from your hot tub and house.

There are two main types of electrical hookups when it comes to hot tubs, 110 volts, and 220 volts. Each has its own set of pros and cons. 110 volt is your common household plugin. This means that you can simply drag the cable provided, plug it in and you are ready to go. Dream Maker Spas has a great selection of easy-to-use 110-volt spas that can be placed in many spots that larger or heavier hot tubs won’t fit. Most other spas use a 220 volt set up which needs to be wired into the hot tub, and a plug-in will need to be wired from your house. However, with a little extra hassle, you will end up with way more power to power your sound system, lights, pumps, and other accessories.

3. Better To Buy Used Or New?

Just like buying a used car, you can often find a good deal on a used hot tub. The biggest difference is that when you buy a used car, the previous owner of that car hasn’t been driving around in it with most of his or her clothes off. Well, then again we all know some of those people. All jokes aside, if you can handle feeling relaxed in a used hot tub, and you find one for a great deal, then a used hot tub could work for you.

4. Where Not To Shop For A Hot Tub?

Many of you have seen hot tubs being sold at fairscarnivals, or parking lot sales. The problem with buying from any of these places is that most often they do not offer any local service, you are basically on your own, and if a problem arises you don’t have someone to turn to. Not only are you not going to get service after your purchase, but you probably won’t get any better of a deal than you would in a local showroom. The same manufacturer promotions at fairs and carnivals can be found at your local hot tub showroom. What you won’t find in a local showroom that you will at a fair or carnival is a high-pressure salesman.

As good as some deals may look through a big box retailer, you are not comparing apples to apples. You can actually save hundreds of dollars when buying from a big-box retailer or from an online retailer, but what you don’t know is that their hot tubs are usually stripped-downnoisier, and not built to last. You are paying less and getting much less. These stores just like at fairs and carnivals will not give you any customer service after your purchase.

5. Buy The Dealer Before You Buy The Hot Tub?

It is true. You can buy a hot tub from a number of different hot tub retailers. Many times you can buy the same hot tub from any of these hot tub dealers. The two biggest factors going into buying from one store over another are price and customer service. Where can you find the hot tub you want for the cheapest price, and where are you going to receive the best customer service throughout the entire process. There are very few dealers that offer their hot tubs for up to 50% off, but Backyard Leisure is one of those dealers. Not only will you save money, but the entire buying process will be carried out smoothly and worry-free.

If you would like to know more about what makes a hot tub better than another, you should read How to Buy the Best Hot Tub.

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