Envirotech Spa/Hot Tub Surrounds add to the spa experience by offering ease of access in and out of your spa, storage entertainment/bar options, additional seating, and boatloads of convenience. All of those advantages plus, the benefit of unmatched good looks! A spa/hot tub surround by Envirotech will make you the envy of all of your guests. All Envirotech Synthetic lumber is extremely strong. So strong in fact that it has a MINIMUM tensile strength of 80,000 PSI. So you can rest assured your spa surround is going to last!

Hybrid Style 1 MS Mahogany II copy 1024x622 1

All Envirotech Spa surrounds are built to order! They want to ensure that every surround has the perfect fit and finish that they have become popular for! When you order a surround for your spa they need the make and model of your spa so that they can produce a surround with a perfect fit. This process typically takes 3 weeks from ordering to arrival. That’s a quick turnaround for a custom product!

Envirotech spa/hot tub surrounds are proudly built in the USA by a company that has been in business for almost 30 years! They are the only US-produced company of their kind! They sell their products through a network of 4,700 dealers worldwide! Envirotech’s innovative designs transform your spa into an elegant and relaxing space for your family and friends!

Hybrid Style 1 Surround Gray 1024x574 1
surround1 key
  • Enclosed Double Step
  • Enclosed Extended Corner
  • Storage Bench
  • Single Step
  • Side Bar
  • Two Stools
Hybrid Style 5 for Dimension One Spa in Cherry
surround5 key
  • Wrap Around Open Double Steps
  • Two Planters
  • One Corner Bar
  • One Side Bar
  • Two Stools